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13/06/2019 Y. Akter | R. Libinaki | C. Hutchison | R. Hopcroft | A.C. Edwards | M. Edwards | C.J. O’Shea Optimisation and investigations into the effect of a phosphorylated tocopherol mixture on growth performance, meat quality and plasma inflammatory biomarkers in broilers
13/06/2019 Vinícius F.C. Fonsêca | Edilson P. Saraiva | Alex S.C. Maia | Cíntia Carol de Melo Costa | Severino Guilherme C.G. dos Santos | Larissa K.C. Morais | Andrea Fuller | Marcos Chiquitelli Neto Training sheep for indirect calorimetry trials
12/06/2019 Nadia Bergeron | Frédéric Guay Impact of zinc and arginine on antioxidant status of weanling piglets raised under commercial conditions
12/06/2019 Yueming Dersjant-Li | Peter Plumstead | Ajay Awati | Janet Remus Productive performance of commercial growing and finishing pigs supplemented with a Buttiauxella phytase as a total replacement of inorganic phosphate
12/06/2019 /a> Anca Gheorghe*1, Mihaela H?beanu2, Nicoleta A. Lefter3, Mihaela Dumitru4, Daniela M. Grigore5 Abstract | Full Article | References ASPECTS OF PLASMA BIOCHEMISTRY AND INTESTINAL HEALTH OF WEANED PIGLETS FED DIETARY EXTRUDED LINSEED AND WALNUT MEAL MIXTURE
12/06/2019 /a> Jasmina J. Djedjibegovic1, Amila A. Turalic1, Naida N. Ajdinovic1, Aleksandra A. Marjanovic1, Elma E. Omeragic*1, Amir A. Causevic2, Faruk F. Caklovica3, Miroslav M. Sober1 Abstract | Full Article | References PRELIMINARY DATA ON POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS (PCBs) IN COWS’ MILK FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA MARKET
12/06/2019 /a> Svetlana Ignjatijevi?*1, Radivoj Prodanovi?2, Jelena Boškovi?2, Nikola Puva?a2, Mirela Tomaš Simin3,Tatjana Peuli?4, Olivera ?uragi?4 Abstract | Full Article | References COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HONEY CONSUMPTION IN ROMANIA, ITALY AND SERBIA
12/06/2019 /a> Milica T. Atanackovi? Krstonoši?1, Jelena M. Cveji? Hogervorst2, Veljko S. Krstonoši?3, Mira P. Mikuli?*4 Abstract | Full Article | References PHENOLIC CONTENT AND IN VITRO ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY OF MONO- AND POLYFLORAL HONEYS ORIGINATING FROM SERBIA
12/06/2019 /a> Milana ?. Rošul*1, Anamarija I. Mandi?1, Aleksandra ?. Mišan1, Nataša R. ?eri?1, Jelena D. Pejin2 Abstract | Full Article | References REVIEW OF TRENDS IN FORMULATION OF FUNCTIONAL BEER
12/06/2019 /a> Zorana Z. Ron?evi?1, Ida E. Zahovi?*1, Ivana S. Paj?in1, Mila S. Grahovac2, Siniša N. Dodi?1, Jovana A. Grahovac1, Jelena M. Dodi?1 Abstract | Full Article | References EFFECT OF CARBON SOURCES ON XANTHAN PRODUCTION BY XANTHOMONAS SPP. ISOLATED FROM PEPPER LEAVES
12/06/2019 /a> Dubravka S. Milanov1 , Nevenka R. Aleksi?* 2 , Suzana S. Vidakovi?1 , Dragana B. Ljubojevi?1 , Ivana S. ?abarkapa3 Abstract | Full Article | References SALMONELLA SPP. IN PET FEED AND RISK IT POSES TO HUMANS
12/06/2019 /a> Anita S. Vakula*, Mirna V. Draškovi? Berger, Tatjana N. Dani?i?, Aleksandra N. Tepi? Horecki, Branimir M. Pavli?, Marija R. Jokanovi?, Zdravko M. Šumi? Abstract | Full Article | References VACUUM DRYING OF RED CURRANT (RIBES RUBRUM L.): PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND KINETIC MODELING
12/06/2019 Magdalena Kolenda | Ewa Grochowska | Stanis?aw Milewski | S?awomir Mroczkowski The association between the polymorphism in the myostatin gene and growth traits in Kamieniec and Pomeranian sheep breeds
12/06/2019 Anne Ridler | Rebecca Hickson | Kate Griffiths | Emma Pettigrew | Paul Kenyon Effects of Streptococcus dysgalactiae polyarthritis on lamb growth and mortality and risk factors for disease
10/06/2019 M.A. Snyman | A.D. Fisher Genetic parameters for traits associated with resistance to Haemonchus contortus in a South African Dohne Merino sheep flock
10/06/2019 Iolanda Moretta | Fabrizia Veronesi | Manuela Diaferia | Giulia Morganti | Valentina Giusepponi | Paola Sechi | Antonio Ciampelli | Beniamino Cenci-Goga Epidemiological survey on the occurrence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in sheep reared in central Italy
10/06/2019 A.P. Politis | N.G.C. Vasileiou | K.S. Ioannidi | V.S. Mavrogianni Treatment of bacterial respiratory infections in lambs
10/06/2019 A.R. Bagaldo | G.S. Miranda | M.S.F. Soares Júnior | F.L. de Araújo | R.V.M. Matoso | M.L. Chizzotti | L.R. Bezerra | R.L. Oliveira Effect of Licuri cake supplementation on performance, digestibility, ingestive behavior, carcass traits and meat quality of grazing lambs
10/06/2019 M. Larsen | P. Lund | A.C. Storm | M.R. Weisbjerg Effect of conventional and extrusion pelleting on postprandial patterns of ruminal and duodenal starch appearance in dairy cows
10/06/2019 Y. Ajith | Umesh Dimri | Arumugam Gopalakrishnan | Gopinath Devi | Nellooran Junaid | E. Madhesh Host immunomodulation by ascorbic acid ameliorates oxidative stress in caprine pediculosis—A pilot study
10/06/2019 Zhiwei Zhu | Yongqiang Cai | Yuan Li | Huifeng Li | Lihuan Zhang | Dongmei Xu | Xiuju Yu | Pengfei Li | Lihua Lv miR-148a-3p Inhibits Alpaca Melanocyte Pigmentation by Targeting MITF
10/06/2019 Q.H. Liu | J.X. Wu | T. Shao Roles of microbes and lipolytic enzymes in changing the fatty acid profile, ?-tocopherol and ?-carotene of whole-crop oat silages during ensiling and after exposure to air
10/06/2019 C. Oget | G. Tosser-Klopp | R. Rupp Genetic and genomic studies in ovine mastitis - Open access
10/06/2019 Mubashir Ali Rather | S. Shanaz | N.A. Ganai | Saba Bukhari | Ambreen Hamadani | Nusrat Nabi Khan | Saleem Yousuf | Ashraf Baba | T.A. Raja | H.M. Khan Genetic Evaluation of Wool Traits of Kashmir Merino Sheep in Organized Farms
10/06/2019 Michael R.F. Lee | Hannah R. Fleming | Tristan Cogan | Chris Hodgson | David R. Davies Assessing the ability of silage lactic acid bacteria to incorporate and transform inorganic selenium within laboratory scale silos - Open access
10/06/2019 C. Vieira | B. Rubio | B. Martínez | A.R. Mantecón | T. Manso Suckling lamb meat quality from ewes fed with different sources of fat, during storage under display conditions
10/06/2019 A. O’Connor | A.P. Moloney | P. O’Kiely | T. Boland | M. McGee Effects of fertiliser nitrogen rate to spring grass on apparent digestibility, nitrogen balance, ruminal fermentation and microbial nitrogen production in beef cattle and in vitro rumen fermentation and methane output
10/06/2019 Aline Saraiva de Oliveira | Diogo Ribeiro Câmara | André Mariano Batista | Robespierre Augusto Joaquim Araújo Silva | Lúcia Cristina Pereira Arruda | Millena Maria Monteiro | Joana Amélia de Senna Costa | Maria Madalena P Na+, K+-ATPase in ram sperm – Its importance for kinematics, localisation and expression on the sperm surface
10/06/2019 Maiara S. Marchiori | Rosilene C. Oliveira | Carine F. Souza | Matheus D. Baldissera | Quellen M. Ribeiro | Roger Wagner | Samanta S. Gündel | Aline F. Ourique | Jackeline K. Kirinus | Lenita M. Stefani | Marcel M. Boi Curcumin in the diet of quail in cold stress improves performance and egg quality
10/06/2019 A. Ortín | M. De las Heras | M. Borobia | M.A. Ramo | M. Ortega | M. Ruíz de Arcaute Ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma: A transmissible lung cancer of sheep, difficult to control
10/06/2019 Nayara Tavares Ferreira | Nilva Kazue Sakomura | Robert Mervyn Gous Consequences of lighting programme in rearing phase and its effects on amino acid requirements in a broiler breeders flock in egg production
10/06/2019 Chiara Nogarol | Luigi Bertolotti | Siv Klevar | Margherita Profiti | Britt Gjerset | Sergio Rosati Serological characterization of small ruminant lentiviruses: A complete tool for serotyping lentivirus infection in goat
10/06/2019 Y. Dersjant-Li | C. Kwakernaak Comparative effects of two phytases versus increasing the inorganic phosphorus content of the diet, on nutrient and amino acid digestibility in boilers - Open access
10/06/2019 M. Albenzio | L. Figliola | M. Caroprese | R. Marino | A. Sevi | A. Santillo Somatic cell count in sheep milk
10/06/2019 Sushil K. Singh | Poonam Singha | Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan Modeling and optimizing the effect of extrusion processing parameters on nutritional properties of soy white flakes-based extrudates using response surface methodology
10/06/2019 A. Schroeder | M.I. Samuels | M. Swarts | C. Morris | C.F. Cupido | A. Engelbrecht Diet selection and preference of small ruminants during drought conditions in a dryland pastoral system in South Africa
10/06/2019 Biagina Chiofalo | Giulia De Vita | Vittorio Lo Presti | Salvatore Cucinotta | Gabriella Gaglio | Francesco Leone | Ambra R. Di Rosa Grain free diets for utility dogs during training work: Evaluation of the nutrient digestibility and faecal characteristics
10/06/2019 Carina Visser A review on goats in southern Africa: An untapped genetic resource
10/06/2019 Animal Nutrition as key factor to support animal health
10/06/2019 Adil Khan | Nasreen | Robert D. Mitchell | Sadaf Niaz | Sultan Ayaz | Irfan Khattak | Huma Naeem | Adalberto A. Pérez de León | Muhammad Arfan Zaman Seroprevalence of Anaplasma spp. among sheep and goats in Charsadda District, Pakistan
10/06/2019 The European Commission published EU Feed protein balance sheet 2017/2018
10/06/2019 Yuqing Chong | Guiqiong Liu | Xunping Jiang | Yurong Fu | Chenhui Liu | Dongdong Bo Genetic introgression of Boer goat into indigenous goat breeds in the Three Gorges Area of China
10/06/2019 Azeb Gebretensay | Gezahegn Alemayehu | Mourad Rekik | Biruk Alemu | Aynalem Haile | Barbara Rischkowsky | Fasil Aklilu | Barbara Wieland Risk factors for reproductive disorders and major infectious causes of abortion in sheep in the highlands of Ethiopia - Open access
10/06/2019 E. Ccora | A. Condori | J.L. Contreras | J. Curasma | A.G. Cordero | N. Valencia | P.H. Mayhua | B.A. McGregor Biometric characteristics in vicuñas (Vicugna Vicugna mensalis)
10/06/2019 Amir Saeed Samimi | Omid Azari | Mohammad Mahdi Molaei | Ehsanollah Sakhaee | Hadi Nazari | Morteza Mohammadrezakhani | Khosro Shayanfar | Saber Afsharipour Comparative evaluation of sedative and analgesic effects of sacro-coccygeal epidural administration of detomidine, lidocaine and lidocaine/detomidine in dromedary calves
10/06/2019 Yuan Wang | Ziqi Meng | Junqing Guo | Wenwen Wang | Yuanxiao Duan | Xiran Hao | Ruifang Wang | Xiaoping An | Jingwei Qi Effect of wheat bran feruloyl oligosaccharides on the performance, blood metabolites, antioxidant status and rumen fermentation of lambs
10/06/2019 P. Khanal | R. Browning Effect of doeling traits at weaning on subsequent replacement doe fitness traits in a multi-breed meat goat herd
10/06/2019 F.A. Paiva | A. Saran Netto | L.B. Corrêa | T.H. Silva | I.C.S.B. Guimarães | G.R. Del Claro | J.A. Cunha | M.A. Zanetti Organic selenium supplementation increases muscle selenium content in growing lambs compared to inorganic source
20/05/2019 Sanjok Poudel | Uma Karki | Yubaraj Karki | Asha Tillman Diurnal behavior of Kiko wethers in southern-pine silvopastures planted with warm-season forages
20/05/2019 Marcello Abbondio | Ilenia Fois | Carla Longheu | Elisa Azara | Sebastiana Tola Biofilm production, quorum sensing system and analysis of virulence factors of Staphylococcus epidermidis collected from sheep milk samples