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12/06/2019 /a> Jasmina J. Djedjibegovic1, Amila A. Turalic1, Naida N. Ajdinovic1, Aleksandra A. Marjanovic1, Elma E. Omeragic*1, Amir A. Causevic2, Faruk F. Caklovica3, Miroslav M. Sober1 Abstract | Full Article | References PRELIMINARY DATA ON POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS (PCBs) IN COWS’ MILK FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA MARKET
12/06/2019 /a> Milana ?. Rošul*1, Anamarija I. Mandi?1, Aleksandra ?. Mišan1, Nataša R. ?eri?1, Jelena D. Pejin2 Abstract | Full Article | References REVIEW OF TRENDS IN FORMULATION OF FUNCTIONAL BEER
10/06/2019 M. Larsen | P. Lund | A.C. Storm | M.R. Weisbjerg Effect of conventional and extrusion pelleting on postprandial patterns of ruminal and duodenal starch appearance in dairy cows
10/06/2019 M. Albenzio | L. Figliola | M. Caroprese | R. Marino | A. Sevi | A. Santillo Somatic cell count in sheep milk
20/05/2019 I.A. Kyriánová | O. Kopecký | S. Šlosárková | J. Vadlejch Comparison of internal parasitic fauna in dairy goats at conventional and organic farms in the Czech Republic
20/05/2019 Paula L. Campello | Ana C. Borsanelli | Sabrina D. Agostinho | Christiane M. Schweitzer | Elerson Gaetti-Jardim Jr. | Jürgen Döbereiner | Iveraldo S. Dutra Occurrence of periodontitis and dental wear in dairy goats
20/05/2019 A. Pascual | C. Pineda-Quiroga | I. Goiri | R. Atxaerandio | R. Ruiz | A. García-Rodríguez Effects of feeding UFA-rich cold-pressed oilseed cakes and sainfoin on dairy ewes’ milk fatty acid profile and curd sensory properties
20/05/2019 G.A. Gouda | H.M. Khattab | M.A. Abdel-Wahhab | S.A. Abo El-Nor | H.M. El-Sayed | S.M. Kholif Clay minerals as sorbents for mycotoxins in lactating goat’s diets: Intake, digestibility, blood chemistry, ruminal fermentation, milk yield and composition, and milk aflatoxin M1 content
20/05/2019 Marcello Abbondio | Ilenia Fois | Carla Longheu | Elisa Azara | Sebastiana Tola Biofilm production, quorum sensing system and analysis of virulence factors of Staphylococcus epidermidis collected from sheep milk samples
20/05/2019 Sotiria Vouraki | Athanasios I. Gelasakis | Loukia V. Ekateriniadou | Georgios Banos | Georgios Arsenos Impact of polymorphisms at the PRNP locus on the performance of dairy goats reared under low-input pastoral farming systems
17/05/2019 Z.C. McKay | O. Averkieva | G. Rajauria | K.M. Pierce The effect of feedborne Fusarium mycotoxins on dry matter intake, milk production and blood metabolites of early lactation dairy cows
17/05/2019 H. Gauthier | N. Swanepoel | P.H. Robinson Impacts of incremental substitution of soybean meal for canola meal in lactating dairy cow diets containing a constant base level of corn derived dried distillers’ grains with solubles
17/05/2019 J.D.V. van Wyngaard | R. Meeske | L.J. Erasmus Effect of dietary nitrate on enteric methane emissions, production performance and rumen fermentation of dairy cows grazing ryegrass pasture during spring
17/05/2019 A.C. Dall-Orsoletta | M.M. Oziemblowski | Alexandre Berndt | H.M.N. Ribeiro-Filho Enteric methane emission from grazing dairy cows receiving corn silage or ground corn supplementation
17/05/2019 Å.T. Randby | E. Nadeau | L. Karlsson | A. Johansen Effect of maturity stage at harvest and kernel processing of whole crop wheat silage on digestibility by dairy cows - Open access
17/05/2019 Raffaella Tudisco | Nadia Musco | Maria E. Pero | Valeria M. Morittu | Micaela Grossi | Vincenzo Mastellone | Gina Cavaliere | Metha Wanapat | Federico Infascelli | Pietro Lombardi Influence of dietary hydrogenated palm oil supplementation on serum biochemistry and progesterone levels in dairy goats
17/05/2019 id isPermaLink="false"> Formation of alanine, ?-aminobutyrate, acetate, and 2-butanol during cheese ripening by Pediococcus acidilactici FAM18098
10/04/2019 M. Joch | V. Kudrna | J. Hakl | M. Božik | P. Homolka | J. Illek | Y. Tyrolová | A. Výborná In vitro and in vivo potential of a blend of essential oil compounds to improve rumen fermentation and performance of dairy cows
10/04/2019 M.C. Mangwe | R.H. Bryant | M.R. Beck | N. Beale | C. Bunt | P. Gregorini Forage herbs as an alternative to ryegrass-white clover to alter urination patterns in grazing dairy systems
10/04/2019 C. A Moran 1  ,   M. Morlacchini 2,   J. D Keegan 3,   H. Warren 3,   G. Fusconi 2   Dietary supplementation of dairy cows with a docosahexaenoic acid-rich thraustochytrid, Aurantiochytrium limacinum: effects on milk quality, fatty acid composition and cheese making properties
10/04/2019 J. A. da Silva 1,   C. C. B. F. Ítavo 1  ,   L. C. V. Ítavo 1,   M. da Graça Morais 1,   P. C. G. da Silva 1,   K. L. S. M. Fere Dietary addition of crude form or ethanol extract of brown propolis as nutritional additive on behaviour, productive performance and carcass traits of lambs in feedlot
10/04/2019 A. E. Abd El-Moneim 1  ,   E. M. Sabic 1   Beneficial effect of feeding olive pulp and Aspergillus awamori on productive performance, egg quality, serum/yolk cholesterol and oxidative status in laying Japanese quails
26/03/2019 E.C.G. Pimentel, C. Edel, R. Emmerling, K.-U. GötzABSTRACTSingle-step genomic evaluations have the advantage of simultaneously combining all pedigree, phenotypic, and genotypic information available. However, systems with a large number of genotyped anim Short communication: Calculating analytical reliabilities for single-step predictions
26/03/2019 A. Leuenberger, C. Sartori, R. Boss, G. Resch, F. Oechslin, A. Steiner, P. Moreillon, H.U. GraberABSTRACTStaphylococcus aureus is a highly contagious mastitis-causing pathogen infecting dairy cattle worldwide. Previous studies have shown the presence of Technical note: Methods for interim prediction of single-step breeding values for young animals
26/03/2019 M.J. Fuenzalida, P.L. RueggABSTRACTThe objective of this negatively controlled randomized clinical trial was to compare clinical outcomes of 5-d intramammary treatment using ceftiofur hydrochloride and no antimicrobial treatment of nonsevere culture-nega Genotypes of Staphylococcus aureus: On-farm epidemiology and the consequences for prevention of intramammary infections
26/03/2019 Doron Bar, Moshe Kaim, Israel Flamenbaum, Boaz Hanochi, Rachel L. Toaff-RosensteinABSTRACTMonitoring thermal status using a reliable, practical method is essential for proper cattle management during periods of high heat load. Our objective was to determ Negatively controlled, randomized clinical trial to evaluate use of intramammary ceftiofur for treatment of nonsevere culture-negative clinical mastitis
26/03/2019 A.H. Nasiri | A. Towhidi | M. Shakeri | M. Zhandi | M. Dehghan-Banadaky | H.R. Pooyan | F. Sehati | F. Rostami | A. Karamzadeh | M. Khani | F. Ahmadi Effects of saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on milk production, insulin sensitivity and immune response in transition dairy cows during hot season
26/03/2019 id isPermaLink="false"> Science and technology of cultured cream products: A review
26/03/2019 W. Shi, C.E. Knoblock, K.V. Murphy, T.C. Bruinjé, I. Yoon, D.J. Ambrose, M. ObaABSTRACTThe objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of supplementing a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product (SCFP; NutriTek, Diamond V, Cedar Rapids, IA) Herbage dry matter intake estimation of grazing dairy cows based on animal, behavioral, environmental, and feed variables
26/03/2019 M. Teissier, H. Larroque, C. Robert-GranieABSTRACTGenomic evaluation of French dairy goats is routinely conducted using the single-step genomic BLUP (ssGBLUP) method. This method has the advantage of simultaneously using all phenotypes, pedigrees, and ge Effects of supplementing a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product during the periparturient period on performance of dairy cows fed fresh diets differing in starch content
26/03/2019 Fernanda M. Rezende, Juan Pablo Nani, Francisco PeñagaricanoABSTRACTService sire has a major effect on reproductive success in dairy cattle. Recent studies have reported accurate predictions for Holstein bull fertility using genomic data. The objective o Accuracy of genomic evaluation with weighted single-step genomic best linear unbiased prediction for milk production traits, udder type traits, and somatic cell scores in French dairy goats
26/03/2019 T. Johnson, M. Keehan, C. Harland, T. Lopdell, R.J. Spelman, S.R. Davis, B.D. Rosen, T.P.L. Smith, C. CouldreyABSTRACTIn cattle, the X chromosome accounts for approximately 3 and 6% of the genome in bulls and cows, respectively. In spite of the large siz Genomic prediction of bull fertility in US Jersey dairy cattle
26/03/2019 C. Edel, E.C.G. Pimentel, M. Erbe, R. Emmerling, K.-U. GötzABSTRACTIt has been shown that single-step genomic BLUP (ssGBLUP) can be reformulated, resulting in an equivalent SNP model that includes the explicit imputation of gene contents of all ungenotyp Short communication: Identification of the pseudoautosomal region in the Hereford bovine reference genome assembly ARS-UCD1.2
15/03/2019 Hisham R. Ibrahim | Hiroki Isono | Takeshi Miyata Potential antioxidant bioactive peptides from camel milk proteins
06/03/2019 Luis Planas subraya la importancia de los procesos de integración en el ámbito cooperativo y su fomento a través de la figura de la EAP
06/03/2019 El Gobierno regula las condiciones de contratación en el sector lácteo y el reconocimiento de las organizaciones
06/03/2019 The effect of cold storage, time and the population of Pseudomonas species on milk lipolysis
06/03/2019 Chia seed oil as an additive to yogurt
28/02/2019 A. Nudda | G. Buffa | A.S. Atzori | M.G. Cappai | P. Caboni | G. Fais | G. Pulina Small amounts of agro-industrial byproducts in dairy ewes diets affects milk production traits and hematological parameters
28/02/2019 CAAE organiza una jornada técnica sobre el uso de fitoterapia natural en el sector caprino lechero
25/02/2019 Yuxi Deng, Claire I. Butré, Peter A. WierengaAbstractProtein hydrolysates contain peptides with different lengths, type (?/?-) and number of amino groups; these properties might influence the peptide glycation kinetics during the Maillard reaction. To id Novel isolates of Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophages from group 5093 identified with an improved multiplex PCR typing method
25/02/2019 id isPermaLink="false"> Understanding glycation kinetics of individual peptides in protein hydrolysates
25/02/2019 C. Muñoz | R. Sánchez | A.M.T. Peralta | S. Espíndola | T. Yan | R. Morales | E.M. Ungerfeld Effects of feeding unprocessed oilseeds on methane emission, nitrogen utilization efficiency and milk fatty acid profile of lactating dairy cows
02/01/2019 Abonados casi 4.000 millones de euros de las ayudas directas de la PAC
02/01/2019 R. Miku?a 1  ,   E. Pruszy?ska - Oszma?ek 2,   P. Ma?kowiak 2,   W. Nowak 1   Effect of different pre-calving feeding strategieson the metabolic status and lactation performance of dairy cows
02/01/2019 L. S. Gui 1, 2,   J. L. Jia 2     Effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the UCP3 and FOXO1genes on carcass quality traits in Qinchuan cattle
02/01/2019 S. D. Martens 1  ,   Alina Majewska-Pinda 1, 2,   A. Benkmann 3, 4,   J. Zentek 5,   M. Spolders 4,   A. Simon 3, &nbs Influence of soil contamination before and after ensiling on mineral composition of grass silages, feed intake and carry-over to body tissue of goats
02/01/2019 ?. Wodas 1,   M. Ma?kowski 1,   A. Borowska 1,   P. Pawlak 2,   K. Puppel 3,   B. Kuczy?ska 3,   G. Czy?ak-Run 5’-flanking variants of the equine ?-lactalbumin (LALBA) gene – relationship with gene expression and mare’s milk composition
02/01/2019 K. Stan-G?asek 1,   A. Kasperowicz 1,   J. P. Michalski 1  ,   M. Taciak 1,   T. Micha?owski 1   Ability of the rumen bacterium Pseudobutyrivibrio ruminis strain k3 to utilize fructose, sucrose and fructose polymers
02/01/2019 F. Castellani 1,   N. Bernardi 1,   A. Vitali 1,   E. Marone 1,   L. Grotta 1,   G. Martino 1     Proteolytic volatile compounds in milk and cheese of cows fed dried olive pomace supplementation